BSP Biospecimen Procurement | Clinically Annotated Tissue for Biomedical Research


FFPE Histology Services
Tissue trimming
Tissue processing and paraffin embedding
H&E staining

FFPE Sample Analysis
DNA isolation from FFPE samples
RNA/miRNA isolation from FFPE samples
Protein isolation from FFPE samples

Cryotomy (Frozen Sectioning) Services
OCT embedding
Frozen sectioning
​H&E staining

Histology Image Services
Digital imaging
​IHC visual scoring
Delineation of tissue regions of interest

Slide Review by Certified Pathologist
Histologic interpretation
Microscopic description
General experimental pathology, reporting and description
Review of FISH, IHC/IF and histochemistry slides.
Histopathological description for publication

Special Staining Services
Alcian blue hematoxylin/orange G staining
Oil Red O staining
Modified Gomori’s trichrome staining
Bielschowsky’s silver staining
Masson’s trichrome staining
​Picro-sirius red staining
Reticulum staining

Molecular Histopathology Services
​Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Immunofluorescent (IF) stain (single or double antibody staining)
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
mRNA, lncRNA or microRNA In Situ hybridization
In Situ apoptosis (TUNEL) assay
In Situ BrdU or EdU cell proliferation assay
In Situ autophagy detection assay​​

Specialized Services
Serial sectioning
Step sectioning
Embedding and sectioning for culture cells or 3D tissue cultures
​Decalcification (bone tissue)
RNAse cutting precaution
Tissue sectioning for RNA, DNA or protein isolation or extraction